Spanish & South African inspired
Tapas & Pintxos.

We believe that a tapas bar is more than just the food and drink it serves, but equally, offering a festive and casual environment for friends and family. It’s a place for a quick coffee in the morning, a tasty bite for lunch or after work drinks and food.

La Barra was started by two old friends, Fred and Mike, who both have a love and passion for excellent food, wine and company – preferably all at the same time!

Both have lived and travelled overseas a great deal and felt that although Cape Town has a number of excellent eateries offering a wide variety of dining experiences, a pintxos and tapas bar in a more traditional Spanish sense was missing. Fred lived in Spain for a number of years in Barcelona and Sitges and has travelled throughout the country extensively.

Mike has been in the hospitality industry for more than 30 years as a barman, a waiter and General Manager in numerous successful restaurants and bars in South Africa and abroad. Both loved their time in Spain and wanted to share some of their passion and love for Spanish tapas and pintxos with Capetonians.


What exactly are Pintxos and Tapas?

Pintxo: A pintxo (Basque); literally “thorn” or “spike” is a small snack served with a toothpick or skewer, eaten in bars, in northern Spain and the Basque country.

Tapas: Tapas are small, savoury dishes served throughout Spain on small plates at the bar.

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Note: Tapas options and availability vary depending on the season as well as product availability.

We will often offer new pintxos and tapas at the bar, not on this menu.

 SA = South African V = Vegetarian

Pintxos served at room temperature and at the bar for self-service

Tortilla (Spanish omelette with onion and potato) – VR21
Butifarra (Catalan-style blood sausage) on bread (30g) – R30
Chorizo (spicy Spanish sausage) on bread (30g) – R30
Sobrasada (raw, cured pork pate) on bread and olive – R21
Ensaladilla Rusa (potato salad with, tuna, olives, peas, peppers, carrots on bread) – R25
Smoked Angelfish pate on bread – SA R21 
Smoked Snoek pate on bread – SA R21
Manchego cheese with fig preserve on bread – V R30
Vegetable (asparagus, aubergine, zucchini) tempura with Romesco Sauce  – V R21
Caprese with La Barra pesto on bread – VR25
Mixed citrus olives – VR21
Skewered olive, anchovy and marinated pepper (x 2 of each) – V R21
Rillette and an olive on bread – R25
Tuna and anchovy on bread – R21
Bunny Chow (Indian curry in bread)  – SA R25
Pastel de Nata – Veg R25
Churros with chocolate sauce – V R21
Bread and Butter Pudding – V – R21

Pintxos served warm from the kitchen

Pesto chicken on bread – R25
Prego chicken on bread – SA R25
Empanadilla (Spanish meat-filled pastry) – R30
Gambas al Ajillo (garlic shrimp) served with spicy Bravas sauce – R30
La Barra La Bomba with paprika pap (ostrich and polenta croquette) – SAR25
Paella Croqueta with Romesco Sauce – R25
Pap (polenta) and Wors (sausage) with Chakalaka sauce – SAR21
Braai Broodjie (tomato, onion, cheese, mustard and Jamon toasted on bread) – SAR21

Tapas served hot/warm on a plate from the kitchen

Patatas Bravas (fried/roasted potatoes with La Barra Bravas sauce) – V R21
Spicy Skewer (chicken 40g and chorizo 20g and onions and red peppers with Portuguese spices) – R58
Pan con Tomate – V R21

Charcuteria (Cured pork meat selection)

Platter (20g ea and 60g ea) – Jamon, chorizo, pork biltong, fuet, bread – R95 / R260
Jamon & bread (60g) – R65
Pork biltong & bread – SAR65
Spicy cooked chorizo & bread – R65
Fuet & bread – R65
Spicy, room temperature chorizo & bread – R65

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